Worldmark global business and economy issues

author: Ferrara, Miranda Herbert
"Worldmark Global Business And Economy Issues covers current business and economic issues that have an impact globally. Intended to meet the needs of global studies courses as well as International Baccalaureate and AP courses in Economics and Business & Management, this set is designed to give students and researchers a resource that helps contextualize and analyze the central issues surrounding international business and economics. Arranged alphabetically by topic (V1: Business & Management; V2: Economy), the set illustrates the breadth of each issue globally. Entries have standard subheads that allow for a 360 degree view of the topic being covered. Entries include primary source documents providing a deeper insight into the topic and sidebars that offer ancillary information to the entry. Front and backmatter include a timeline of events, glossary of key terms, general bibliography, annotated list of organizations, and general index"--From the publisher's web site.
year: 2015
call number/section:
subjects: economic conditions, economic policy, international trade
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