Waterways of the Great Lakes

author: LaPlante, Walter
The Great Lakes watershed can be traveled from end to end from the St. Lawrence River all the way to Duluth, Minnesota. In order for that to happen, man-made waterways had to be constructed to bypass rapids and aid ships moving from one water depth to another. Readers travel the basin through main content that includes geography, history, and interesting details that tie it all together. Descriptive maps of the region aid understanding and complement map skills emphasized in the social studies curriculum. Readers see how all the waterways work together to make one vibrant region. Conservation Themes, Detailed Table of Contents, For Further Information Section, Glossary, Historical Context Overview, Index, Maps, Science Content, Sidebars, Social Studies Content.
year: 2015
call number/section: 917.7
subjects: waterways, great lakes region (north america), saint lawrence river
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