People of the Great Lakes

author: Nagelhout, Ryan
Native people have been living around the Great Lakes for thousands of years. As European settlers arrived, they soon learned that the land around the Great Lakes was an ideal place to settle. Readers learn the history of Great Lakes settlement and much more. Full-color photographs showcase the lakes beauty, while social studies content introduces the many cities in the region. From the mammoth metropolis Toronto, Ontario, to the struggling cities of the Rust Belt, the population centers around the Great Lakes change, survive, and continue to depend on the Great Lakes for transportation, industry, and recreation. Cultural Background , Detailed Table of Contents, For Further Information Section, Glossary, Historical Context Overview, Index, Maps, Sidebars, Social Studies Content.
year: 2015
call number/section: 1000, 977
subjects: native americans, history, great lakes (north america), great lakes (north america), history, great lakes region (north america)
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