FiveSystems Summer Updates

FiveSystems has been updated for the 2017-2018 school year. The major updates are listed below.

Refresh of records
Records were reprocessed. As many of the schools in the region migrate to new automation systems, these schools are getting their records improved. Many schools are also adding reading level and other enhancements to their records. By reprocessing and re-merging everyone's records, these improvements should be seen in the overall set of records in FiveSystems.

Clean-up of old requests
All outstanding requests were set to "cancelled". All requests before 8/2017 were un-published. This gives everyone a clean slate of requests. If you need any information about old requests, they can still be retrieved, feel free to send a note via the "Feedback" link.

Infrastructure changes
Several changes have been made in the background to our web hosting setup. These changes are part of a longer term goal of making catalog updates easier and thereby making them more frequent.



Wayne Central was never added.

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