Ashes Of Roses

author: Auch, Mary Jane
Sixteen-year-old Rose Nolan arrives on Ellis Island in 1911 in the hopes of starting a new life, but after most of her family is sent back to Ireland, she must find her own way in a new country and fend for herself and her younger sister.
year: 2015
copies: 76
call number/section: FIC
lexile: 670

Milly And The Macy's Parade

author: Corey, Shana
Concerned that the immigrant employees of New York City's Macy's department store are homesick at Christmas, a young girl inspires the store's head to hold the first Macy's Parade.
year: 2006
copies: 25
call number/section: FIC
lexile: 420
subjects: christmas, parades, immigrants [X], department stores, new york (n.y.) [X]

Shutting Out The Sky

author: Hopkinson, Deborah
Photographs and text document the experiences of five individuals who came to live in the Lower East Side of New York City as children or young adults from Belarus, Italy, Lithuania, and Romania at the turn of the twentieth century.
year: 2003
copies: 62
call number/section: 307.76
lexile: 990
subjects: urban poor, immigrants [X], tenement houses, poor, new york (n.y.) [X]

Hear My Sorrow

author: Hopkinson, Deborah
Forced to drop out of school at the age of fourteen to help support her family, Angela, an Italian immigrant, works long hours for low wages in a garment factory, and becomes a participant in the shirtwaist worker strikes of 1909.
year: 2004
copies: 15
call number/section: FIC
lexile: 740
subjects: factories, labor disputes, immigrants [X], italian americans, diaries, new york (n.y.) [X]

Lost In America

author: Sachs, Marilyn
Follows the experiences of Nicole, a teenaged French Jew, from 1943 to 1948, as she loses her parents and sister to the concentration camps and then leaves her native France to make a new life for herself in New York City.
year: 2005
copies: 12
call number/section: FIC
lexile: 720
subjects: immigrants [X], jews, holocaust, jewish (1939-1945), new york (n.y.) [X], france

The King Of Mulberry Street

author: Napoli, Donna Jo
Dom, a nine-year old stowaway from Naples, Italy, arrives in New York and must learn to survive the perils of street life in the big city.
year: 2007
copies: 35
call number/section: FIC
lexile: 560
subjects: jews, street children, immigrants [X], italians, emigration and immigration, new york (n.y.) [X]

The Locket

author: Lieurance, Suzanne
Eleven-year-old Galena, a Russian immigrant begins fighting for improved working conditions in New York City's factories after a terrible fire claims the lives of over 140 workers at the non-unionized Triangle Shirtwaist Factory.
year: 2008
copies: 5
call number/section: FIC
subjects: sisters, labor unions, immigrants [X], jews, new york (n.y.) [X], triangle shirtwaist company


author: Haddix, Margaret Peterson
In 1927, at the urging of twenty-one-year-old Harriet, Mrs. Livingston reluctantly recalls her experiences at the Triangle Shirtwaist factory, including miserable working conditions that led to a strike, then the fire that took the lives of her two best friends, when Harriet, the boss's daughter, was only five years old.
year: 2011
copies: 87
call number/section: FIC
lexile: 790


author: Davies, Jacqueline
In 1911 New York, sixteen-year-old Essie Rosenfeld must stop taking care of her irrepressible six-year-old sister when she goes to work at the Triangle Waist Company, where she befriends a missing heiress who is in hiding from her family and who seems to understand the feelings of heartache and grief that Essie is trying desperately to escape.
year: 2009
copies: 22
call number/section: FIC
lexile: 680


author: Cabot, Meg, Benjamin, David, Citra, Becky, Stine, R. L, Van Draanen, Wendelin
When sixteen-year-old Emerson Watts learns the truth about Nikki, the teen supermodel into whose body Emerson's brain was transplanted, she finds that there is only one person to turn to for help--especially since her loved ones seem to be furious with her.
year: 2011
copies: 32
call number/section: FIC
lexile: 810

Threads And Flames

author: Friesner, Esther M
In 1910, thirteen-year-old Raisa travels alone from Poland to New York City, where she discovers her older sister, who was supposed to take care of Raisa, has disappeared, leaving Raisa to accept a job at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, where her life is changed once again after a tragic fire.
year: 2010
copies: 17
call number/section: FIC
lexile: 840
subjects: immigrants [X], jews, new york (n.y.) [X]

City Of Orphans

author: Avi
In 1893 New York, thirteen-year-old Maks, a newsboy, teams up with Willa, a homeless girl, to clear his older sister, Emma, from charges that she stole from the brand new Waldorf Hotel, where she works.
year: 2012
copies: 54
call number/section: FIC
lexile: 570
subjects: families, homeless persons, gangs, immigrants [X], new york (n.y.) [X], family life, historical fiction

Coming To America

author: Wolf, Bernard
Depicts the joys and hardships experienced by a Muslim family that immigrates to New York City from Alexandria, Egypt, in the hope of making a better life for themselves.
year: 2003
copies: 6
call number/section: 305.89
lexile: 870
subjects: egyptian americans, immigrants [X], immigrant children, muslims, new york (n.y.) [X]

Hope In My Heart

author: Lasky, Kathryn
After her family immigrates to America from Italy in 1903, ten-year-old Sofia is quarantined at the Ellis Island Immigration Station, where she makes a good friend but endures nightmarish conditions.
year: 2003
copies: 25
call number/section: FIC
lexile: 630
subjects: immigrants [X], italian americans, diaries, historical fiction, united states, new york (n.y.) [X]

Just Call Me Joe

author: Wishinsky, Frieda
Joseph discovers that adjusting to his new life in early twentieth-century New York is more difficult than he imagined.
year: 2003
copies: 7
call number/section: FIC
lexile: 670
subjects: immigrants [X], historical fiction, new york (n.y.) [X]


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