Lost And Found

author: Clements, Andrew, Jacobs, L. R, Dower, Laura, Louise Vitellaro Tidd, Tripp, Valerie, Purney, Dawn
Contains seven stories of some of history's most baffling cases of lost and found, including the disappearance of Amelia Earhart, and the discovery of the HMS "Beagle, " each with a time line, definitions of key words, and related facts.
year: 2012
copies: 96
call number/section: FIC
lexile: 780


author: Boles, Philana Marie
Sixteen-year-old orphan Ann Michelle runs away from her grandmother's house in Toledo, Ohio, with a new friend who is intent on seeking her own fame while the teenagers follow a hip-hop musician to New York City.
year: 2011
copies: 1
call number/section: FIC
lexile: 720

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