New York's Bravest

author: Osborne, Mary Pope
Tells of the heroic deeds of the legendary New York firefighter, Mose Humphreys.
year: 2006
copies: 56
call number/section: 398.2
lexile: 350
subjects: fire fighters [X], new york (n.y.) [X]

Molly, By Golly!

author: Ochiltree, Dianne
A fictional tale of Molly Williams, the United State's first female firefighter, about how she battled a fire during a blizzard along with New York City's Fire Company Number 11.
year: 2012
copies: 9
call number/section: 398.22
lexile: 830
subjects: williams, molly, fire fighters [X], african americans, blizzards, new york (n.y.) [X]

Mose The Fireman

author: Metaxas, Eric
Relates the tall tale adventures of Mose Humphries, a nineteenth-century fireman in New York City.
year: 2005
copies: 2
call number/section: FIC
subjects: fire fighters [X], tall tales, new york (n.y.) [X]

Beyond Tuesday Morning

author: Kingsbury, Karen
Continues the story of Jamie and firefighter Jake Bryan after September 11, 2001 when the New York World Trade Center Towers collapse.
year: 2004
copies: 1
call number/section: FIC
subjects: september 11 terrorist attacks, 2001, terrorism, fire fighters [X], brothers, widows, new york (n.y.) [X]

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