Can We Ring The Liberty Bell?

author: Rustad, Martha E. H
t's time for a filed trip! A group of first-grade students visits the Liberty Bell.
year: 2015
copies: 6
call number/section: 974.8
lexile: 570
subjects: buildings [X], liberty bell

Wha Is Inside The Lincoln Memorial?

author: Rustad, Martha E. H
Look at that giant statue! What did this person do to earn his own monument in Washington, DC? Join Mr.
year: 2015
copies: 8
call number/section: 975.3
lexile: 610

Why Is The Statue Of Liberty Green?

author: Rustad, Martha E. H
Do you know that the Statue of Liberty hasn't always looked green? Or that the first torch had to be replaced? Lady Liberty has been an important US symbol for more than one hundred years.
year: 2015
copies: 5
call number/section: 974.7
lexile: 590

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