You Wouldn't Want To Be A Skyscraper Builder!

author: Malam, John
Brief text, sidebars, labeled illustrations, and humorous cartoons depict the life of a builder working in New York City during the Great Depression to help build the Empire State Building.
year: 2009
copies: 11
call number/section: 720
lexile: 860

You Wouldn't Want To Be A Worker On The Statue Of Liberty!

author: Malam, John
Colorful illustrations and text describe the jobs of the individuals who worked on the Statue of Liberty.
year: 2017
copies: 11
call number/section: 974.7
lexile: 870

Super Structures

author: Malam, John
Illustrations and text describe how some of the world's largest structures were built.
year: 2000
copies: 4
call number/section: 624
lexile: 1000

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