author: Landau, Elaine
Explores Neptune's size, distance from Earth, atmosphere, moons, and rings, as well as the history of study of the planet.
year: 2008
copies: 17
call number/section: 523.48
lexile: 760


author: Landau, Elaine
Describes the characteristics of the planet Jupiter and its moons, as revealed by photographs sent back by unmanned spaceships.
year: 2008
copies: 25
call number/section: 523.45
lexile: 770


author: Landau, Elaine
Discusses what we know about the size, density, atmosphere, rings, and moons of Saturn, as well as what we may learn in the future.
year: 2008
copies: 21
call number/section: 523.46
lexile: 800


author: Landau, Elaine, Kobasa, Paul A. (editor)
Reviews the history of Earth's observation of the red planet since ancient times, explores the results of modern scientific studies carried out by telescope, satellite, and landing probe, and speculates on a future human landing.
year: 2008
copies: 25
call number/section: 523.43
lexile: 890
subjects: mars (planet)

A Look At Minerals

author: Kittinger, Jo S
Describes the composition, formation, appearance, and uses of certain minerals, including some gemstones.
year: 1998
copies: 5
call number/section: 549
lexile: 890


author: Aronson, Billy
Explains such things as the difference between a meteor, a meteoroid, and a meteorite and what happens when an asteroid or comet gets too close to the Earth.
year: 1996
copies: 4
call number/section: 523.5
lexile: 890
subjects: meteors


author: Bendick, Jeanne
Tells the stories of markets all over the world, from ancient times to the present day.
year: 1997
copies: 3
call number/section: 380.1
lexile: 890
subjects: markets

Animals That Walk On Water

author: Martin, Patricia A. Fink
Describes how such creatures as the basilisk, Western grebe, and water strider manage to travel across the water's surface.
year: 1998
copies: 3
call number/section: 591.47
lexile: 900

The Wampanoag

author: Doherty, Katherine M
History and culture of the Wampanoag, a group of Indians who have lived in the coastal regions of Massachusetts for thousands of years, how they survived the wars and illnesses brought about by the arrival of Europeans, and their status today.
year: 1995
copies: 2
call number/section: 974.4
lexile: 900

A Look At Rocks

author: Kittinger, Jo S
Describes the formation and appearance of rocks, changes they can undergo, and how to start a collection.
year: 1997
copies: 9
call number/section: 552
lexile: 920
subjects: rocks

Women Of The Old West

author: Alter, Judy
Examines the various roles of women in the Old West, describing the living conditions and opportunities available to those women who broke the stereotypical picture of the tired settler's wife.
year: 1989
copies: 6
call number/section: 305.4
lexile: 920


author: Daily, Robert
Photographs and text discuss the history of the earth, what the earth is composed of, and life on earth.
year: 1994
copies: 2
call number/section: 525
lexile: 930
subjects: earth

The Creek

author: Newman, Shirlee Petkin
Describes the life of the Indians who established villages in the area of Lake Huron where there were forests, rivers, and favorable conditions for growing crops.
year: 1996
copies: 1
call number/section: 975
lexile: 940

The Great Apes

author: Saign, Geoffrey
Describes and compares the four great apes: chimpanzees, bonobos, orangutans, and gorillas through a discussion of their physical, intellectual, emotional, and social characteristics.
year: 1998
copies: 3
call number/section: 599.88
lexile: 950
subjects: apes

La Salle

author: Jacobs, William Jay
year: 1994
copies: 7
call number/section: 920
lexile: 960


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