Ride, Fly Guy, Ride!

author: Arnold, Tedd
While riding in the car with Buzz and his father, Fly Guy gets blown out of the window and finds himself riding in a truck, then a boat, a train, an airplane, and maybe even a rocket.
year: 2012
copies: 159
call number/section: FIC
lexile: 470
subjects: flies, transportation [X]

Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now!

author: Seuss
Suggests in rhyme a number of ways for Marvin K. Mooney to travel as long as he gets going--now!.
year: 1972
copies: 113
call number/section: FIC
lexile: 100
subjects: stories in rhyme, fantasy, transportation [X], fantasy fiction

This Is The Way We Go To School

author: Baer, Edith
Describes, in text and illustrations, the many different modes of transportation children all over the world use to get to school.
year: 1993
copies: 110
call number/section: 629.04
lexile: 360
subjects: vehicles, transportation [X]


author: Sutton, Richard, Sutton, Rich
Explores the history of automotive technology since the first horseless carriage, and contains full-color captioned photographs of racing and touring cars, high performance models, and others with paragraphs that describe such topics as how the engine works, the drive train, and car culture.
year: 2005
copies: 89
call number/section: 629.22

The Erie Canal

author: Levy, Janey
Uses primary source documents, narrative, and illustrations to recount how construction of the Erie Canal changed America by vastly improving the movement of goods to settlers in the newly purchased Louisiana Territory.
year: 2003
copies: 80
call number/section: 974.7

Fast Food

author: Freymann, Saxton
Playful rhyming text about different modes of transportation accompanies colorful sculptures of vegetables and fruits on the move.
year: 2006
copies: 53
call number/section: 641.8
subjects: vegetable carving, transportation [X]

Zoom Broom

author: Palatini, Margie
When her broom breaks down, Gritch the Witch visits a foxy salesman in search of a new Zoom Broom but ends up with something unexpected.
year: 2000
copies: 38
call number/section: FIC
lexile: 350
subjects: witches, brooms and brushes, foxes, transportation [X]

On The Go

author: Morris, Ann, Ann Morris
Discusses the ways in which people all over the world move from place to place, including walking, riding on animals, and traveling on wheels and water.
year: 1994
copies: 35
call number/section: 920
lexile: 480
subjects: transportation [X], picture books for children

Conestoga Wagons

author: Ammon, Richard
Explains how Conestoga wagons were built and driven as well as their historical significance and importance to the early American economy.
year: 2000
copies: 32
call number/section: 388.3
lexile: 970
subjects: wagons, transportation [X], carriages and carts

Roman Roads And Aqueducts

author: Nardo, Don
The Romans were the greatest builders of the ancient world, and among their most impressive achievements were their vast systems of roads and aqueducts.
year: 2015
copies: 30
call number/section: 388.1
subjects: roads, roman, bridges, aqueducts, rome, roads, transportation [X], water supply

Early Travel

author: Kalman, Bobbie
Describes the various types of transportation used by the early settlers.
year: 1992
copies: 29
call number/section: 380.5
lexile: 790
subjects: transportation [X], frontier and pioneer life, transport

Ready For Takeoff!

author: Sander, Sonia
A Lego family goes to the airport to leave for a beach vacation, where they check their baggage, board the plane, and fly into the air to their destination.
year: 2012
copies: 29
call number/section: FIC
lexile: 230

On The Move

author: Fecher, Sarah
Introduces various modes of transportation, including bicycles, buses, and helicopters.
year: 2000
copies: 28
call number/section: 388
subjects: transportation [X]

Transportation In Many Cultures

author: Rustad, Martha E. H
Simple text and photographs present the various modes of transportation, such as bicycles, walking, monorails, and boats, used in different cultures, including Germany, China, Japan, Cambodia, Bolivia, and Australia.
year: 2009
copies: 26
call number/section: 388
lexile: 400
subjects: transportation [X]

Monster Trucks

author: Gordon, Nick
"Developed by literacy experts for students in kindergarten through grade three, this book introduces monster trucks to young readers through leveled text and related photos"--Provided by publisher.
year: 2014
copies: 26
call number/section: 629.22
lexile: 450


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