Early Settler Children

author: Kalman, Bobbie
An examination of what life was like for children in the early years of the United States, including clothing, expectations of their parents, labor, and poverty.
year: 1991
copies: 22
call number/section: 305.2
subjects: children, pioneer children, frontier and pioneer life [X], united states

A Child's Day

author: Kalman, Bobbie, Cutting, Jillian
Text and accompanying photographs explore the daily life of children in nineteenth-century North American communities through stories and activities.
year: 1996
copies: 31
call number/section: 305.23
lexile: 820
subjects: children, pioneer children, frontier and pioneer life [X], north america

Fort Life

author: Kalman, Bobbie
Presents information on the historic forts of North America and the lifestyles of the men, women, and children who lived in them, illustrated with photographs taken at such historic sites as Colonial Williamsburg, Fort Laramie, and Fort Scott.
year: 1994
copies: 29
call number/section: 978
lexile: 900

Customs And Traditions

author: Kalman, Bobbie
Discusses various customs and traditions of the early settlers such as bathing newborn babies in wine to make them strong and healthy.
year: 1994
copies: 34
call number/section: 390
lexile: 840
subjects: frontier and pioneer life [X], north america

Swamp Angel

author: Isaacs, Anne
Along with other amazing feats, Angelica Longrider, also known as Swamp Angel, wrestles a huge bear, known as Thundering Tarnation, to save the winter supplies of the settlers in Tennessee.
year: 2000
copies: 99
call number/section: 398.2
lexile: 1020
subjects: tall tales, frontier and pioneer life [X], tennessee

Early Farm Life

author: Gunby, Lise
Tells what it was like to live and work on a farm during the time of the early settlers.
year: 1992
copies: 15
call number/section: 630.9
subjects: agriculture, farm life, frontier and pioneer life [X]

The Early Family Home

author: Kalman, Bobbie
Describes the life of early settlers, including the construction of a home, the clearing of land, folk medicine, candle making, quilting bees, weaving, and wedding parties.
year: 1992
copies: 23
call number/section: 640.9

Food For The Settler

author: Kalman, Bobbie
Describes how the early settlers hunted, fished and relied on nature for their food.
year: 1994
copies: 18
call number/section: 641.09
lexile: 820
subjects: food, cookery, frontier and pioneer life [X], united states, cooking

The Kitchen

author: Kalman, Bobbie
Looks at the role of the kitchen in the daily life of pioneers, not just as a place for food preparation, but also as the home's social center.
year: 1993
copies: 46
call number/section: 643
lexile: 850

The Gristmill

author: Kalman, Bobbie
Examines how mills functioned in early America, discussing their economic and social roles in the community.
year: 1994
copies: 38
call number/section: 664
lexile: 850
subjects: flour mills, grain, frontier and pioneer life [X], water mills, flour-mills

Tools And Gadgets

author: Kalman, Bobbie
Presents an illustrated history of tools and gadgets from the home, farm, print shop, mills, and industry.
year: 1993
copies: 44
call number/section: 621.9
lexile: 870
subjects: tools, implements, utensils, etc, frontier and pioneer life [X]

Early Artisans

author: Kalman, Bobbie
Describes articles made by various artisans for the use of the early settlers.
year: 1992
copies: 18
call number/section: 745.5
subjects: handicraft, artisans, united states, frontier and pioneer life [X], crafts, arts and crafts, pioneer life

The Quilt-block History Of Pioneer Days

author: Cobb, Mary
This brightly illustrated book show how traditonal American quilt-block designs tell the story of pioneer days, when designs were created to reflect daily life and special events.
year: 1995
copies: 22
call number/section: 746.9
subjects: quilting, handicraft, frontier and pioneer life [X], quilts

Early Settler Storybook

author: Kalman, Bobbie
Nineteenth-century stories and poems show life as seen through the eyes of the settlers.
year: 1992
copies: 13
call number/section: 820.8

Daily Life In A Covered Wagon

author: Erickson, Paul
Describes the life of a pioneer family as it travels from Indiana to Oregon in a covered wagon.
year: 1997
copies: 40
call number/section: 917.8
lexile: 1120
subjects: frontier and pioneer life [X], overland journeys to the pacific, west (u.s.)


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