author: Cribb, Joe
Examines, in text and photographs, the symbolic and material meaning of money, from shekels, shells, and beads to gold, silver, checks, and credit cards.
year: 2016
copies: 39
call number/section: 332.4

Rocks And Minerals

author: Pellant, Chris, Oldershaw, Cally, Parker, Steve, Woolley, Alan, Bingham, Caroline, Ricciuti, Edward, Symes, Dr. R.e, Symes, Dr. R.f, Martin, Alice Fitch, Zim, Herbert, Podendorf, Illa, Sorrell, Charles A, Zim, Herbert Spencer, Keith Lye, Bell, Pat
This guide, illustrated with more than 80 color photographs, helps the reader identify a wide selection of rocks and minerals and provides information on how they were formed and on some of their more important uses.
year: 2004
copies: 61
call number/section: 552


author: Mound, L. A, Peddie, Emma
Examines the wonders of the insect world through macrophotography and 3-D graphics that reveal the importance of these creatures.
year: 2017
copies: 54
call number/section: 595.7
subjects: insects, bugs


author: Clutton-brock, Juliet
Presents a photographic introduction to cats, explaining what they are, tracing the history of cats, examining their physical characteristics and behaviors, and looking at different types of cats.
year: 2014
copies: 63
call number/section: 599.75
lexile: 1210


author: Matthews, Rupert
Presents a concise history of early expeditions and explorers around the world including the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Vikings, and Chinese, as well as the discovery of the Americas and the North and South Poles.
year: 2012
copies: 66
call number/section: 910
lexile: 1100


author: Clutton-brock, Juliet, Ross, Veronica
Text and photographs highlight the evolutionary history of dogs, their domestication, anatomy, behavior, and breeds, and offer guidance on dog care and training.
year: 2014
copies: 63
call number/section: 636.7
lexile: 1240


author: Bender, Lionel
Presents an illustrated guide to the most noteworthy and significant inventions since the prehistory of man, in chronological order, and includes information on stone tools, the wheel, lighting, the steam engine, the telephone, flight, and the silicon ship.
year: 2013
copies: 59
call number/section: 609
lexile: 1080


author: Macaulay, David, Nix, Garth, Gravett, Christopher, Gravett, Christo, Harris, Nicholas
Tal, a Chosen of the Orange Order, has fallen into an unknown world of warriors, iceships, and magic while trying to steal a powerful sunstone to save his family, and joins with Milla, a violent icecarl, in an effort to get back to his home in the now hostile castle.
year: 2010
copies: 123
call number/section: 623
lexile: 1180

Ancient Rome

author: James, Simon, Chrisp, Peter, Snedden, Robert, Mack, Lorrie, Steffensen, J, Taylor, Duncan Burnett, 1912-, Steffensen, James L, Burland, Cottie Arthur, Connolly, Peter, Brandt, Keith, Sherwin-white, Nicholas, Sullivan, Erin, Nicholson, Sue
See how gladiators fought against each other and animals, follow the timeline of the Roman Empire, meet the emperors, and visit the forum to understand the daily lives of people in Rome.
year: 2016
copies: 114
call number/section: 937
lexile: 1070

Flying Machine

author: Nahum, Andrew
Contains several illustrated photographs that chronicle the history of aviation from man's first attempts to fly including Leonardo da Vinci's drawings of flying machines, airships and balloons, and powered flight throughout the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
year: 2004
copies: 38
call number/section: 629.13

Arctic & Antarctic

author: Taylor, Barbara, Sheen, Martin, Arc
Illustrations and text explore the frozen landscapes of the polar regions, and provide information about the flora and fauna that survive in the hostile conditions.
year: 2012
copies: 56
call number/section: 508.31


author: Macquitty, Miranda, Oce
Discusses the many different environments and animals of our oceans.
year: 2014
copies: 51
call number/section: 551.46
lexile: 1160


author: Cosgrove, Brian, Sheen, Martin, Robertson, Kay, Thompson, Philip Duncan, Kahl, Jonathan D.w, Ellyard, David, Burroughs, William, Chanko, Pamela, Aucoin, Lee, Arlon, Penelope, Zim, Hosking, Carol, Kobasa, Paul A., Deborah Kespert, Sanchez, Carina, Rice, Dona, Koehler, Susan, Hopkins, Lee Bennett, Lafferty, Peter
An illustrated introduction to how the weather works, discussing air currents, the science of weather, forecasting, the power of the sun, frost and ice, clouds, thunder and lightning, snow, wind, storms, weather in different regions, extreme weather, and other topics.
year: 9120
copies: 82
call number/section: 551.5
lexile: 1220


author: Coiley, John
Traces the development of railways from the first Babylonian rutways to the electromagnetic, driverless trains of the twentieth century, and describes how trains are built and operated.
year: 2009
copies: 53
call number/section: 625.1

Ancient Greece

author: Pearson, Anne, Ackroyd, Peter, Snedden, Robert, Millard, Anne, Steffensen, James L, Burland, C. A, Steffenson, James L, Nardo, Don
Presents full-color illustrated photographs and drawings depicting the history, culture, people, places, and events of ancient Greece including the Persian Wars, philosophers, Alexander the Great, and much more.
year: 2014
copies: 74
call number/section: 938
lexile: 1050


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