Early Settler Children

author: Kalman, Bobbie
An examination of what life was like for children in the early years of the United States, including clothing, expectations of their parents, labor, and poverty.
year: 1991
copies: 22
call number/section: 305.2

How My Family Lives In America

author: Kuklin, Susan
African-American, Asian-American, and Hispanic-American children describe their families' cultural traditions.
year: 1998
copies: 27
call number/section: 305.8
lexile: 840

Ellis Island

author: Jacobs, William Jay
Traces the history of Ellis Island and immigration to America and describes the experiences of immigrants arriving in 1907.
year: 1990
copies: 49
call number/section: 304.8
lexile: 710
subjects: united states [X]

Shh! We're Writing The Constitution

author: Fritz, Jean, Jean Fritz
Describes how the Constitution came to be written and ratified. Also includes the full text of the document produced by the Constitutional Convention of 1787.
year: 1998
copies: 94
call number/section: 342.73
lexile: 950
subjects: constitutional history, constitutions, united states [X]

The Declaration Of Independence

author: Kallen, Stuart A.
A committee from the Continental Congress was established to write a document to tell the world why America wanted to be free from England's rule, and the document was to be "The Declaration of Independence.
year: 1994
copies: 5
call number/section: 973.3
subjects: united states [X]

The Schoolmasters

author: Fisher, Leonard Everett
This volume examines the different facets of the teaching profession in Colonial America, including the varied odd-jobs the schoolmaster often had to perform in addition to his teaching chores.
year: 1997
copies: 20
call number/section: 371.1
subjects: teachers, education, schools, united states [X]

The Homemakers

author: Fisher, Leonard Everett
Describes how four staples--candles, soap, brooms, and cider--were made in colonial times.
year: 1998
copies: 24
call number/section: 640
subjects: handicraft, united states [X], colonial life, home economics

The Early Family Home

author: Kalman, Bobbie
Describes the life of early settlers, including the construction of a home, the clearing of land, folk medicine, candle making, quilting bees, weaving, and wedding parties.
year: 1992
copies: 23
call number/section: 640.9

Food For The Settler

author: Kalman, Bobbie
Describes how the early settlers hunted, fished and relied on nature for their food.
year: 1994
copies: 18
call number/section: 641.09
lexile: 820

Slumps, Grunts, And Snickerdoodles

author: Perl, Lila
Examines the diets and culinary innovations of the American colonists and gives thirteen colonial recipes, including succotash, snickerdoodles, and spoon bread.
year: 1975
copies: 18
call number/section: 641.5
lexile: 1490
subjects: cookery, american, cooking, united states [X]

The Kitchen

author: Kalman, Bobbie
Looks at the role of the kitchen in the daily life of pioneers, not just as a place for food preparation, but also as the home's social center.
year: 1993
copies: 46
call number/section: 643
lexile: 850

The Glassmakers

author: Fisher, Leonard Everett
"A brief book giving basic information on colonial glassmakers and their techniques, the first of American craftsmen who set high standards for their trade.
year: 1997
copies: 15
call number/section: 666.1
subjects: glass manufacture, united states [X]

The Papermakers

author: Fisher, Leonard Everett
Gives a short history of American papermaking before the Revolution, and describes the processes used by the colonial papermakers, from the separating of rag fibers to the final finishing or glazing.
year: 2001
copies: 16
call number/section: 676

The Cabinetmakers

author: Fisher, Leonard Everett
A history of woodworking craftsmen in colonial America, describing their tools, materials, and workmanship.
year: 1997
copies: 22
call number/section: 684.1

The Silversmiths

author: Fisher, Leonard Everett
In creating useful and beautiful objects "worth their weight in silver", the early colonial silversmiths were not only gifted craftsmen, they were also bankers, or the nearest thing to it.
year: 1997
copies: 24
call number/section: 739.2
subjects: silverwork, silverwork, colonial, united states [X]


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