The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

author: Phillips, Anne
Describes the construction of one of the newest Washington monuments, a memorial to the thirty-second president.
year: 2000
copies: 4
call number/section: 975.3

One Thousand Buildings Of Paris

author: Borrus, Kathy
Contains photographs and descriptions of one thousand public and private buildings in Paris, showcasing the range of architecture found in the city; organized by neighborhood, with sidebars,and a keyed map accompanying each section.
year: 2003
copies: 2
call number/section: 944

Twin Towers

author: Gillespie, Angus K.
Describes the creation of the World Trade Center; the reception of the twin towers by the architecture world and by New Yorkers; the Center's symbolism of achievement and power; and a day in the life of the Center.
year: 2002
copies: 3
call number/section: 725

City In The Sky

author: Glanz, James
Chronicles the history of the World Trade Center from its first blue-prints through the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, exploring how the towers were created, what they symbolized, and how the world was impacted by their destruction.
year: 2004
copies: 1
call number/section: 720.48

The Lincoln Memorial

author: Kenney, Karen Latchana
Traces the history of the Lincoln Memorial, describing significance of the sixteenth president, the construction of the monument, and its symbolism.
year: 2011
copies: 2
call number/section: 975.3

Where Is The White House?

author: Stine, Megan
Introduces the White House, explaining where it is and why it is important and describing the rooms where the president works and lives.
year: 2015
copies: 21
call number/section: 975.3
lexile: 780
subjects: presidents, buildings [X]

Great Synagogue Of Budapest

author: Howse, Jennifer
"Built in the mid-1800s, the Great Synagogue of Budapest has remained a constant through difficult times.
year: 2016
copies: 1
call number/section: 726.3
lexile: 960

Sydney Opera House

author: Orr, Nicole
Explores the history and the people involved with the construciton of the Sydney Opera House.
copies: 1
call number/section: FIC
subjects: sydney opera house, buildings [X]

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