Doctors Help People

author: Moses, Amy
Discusses, simply, the things doctors do and what people do to become doctors.
year: 1997
copies: 10
call number/section: 610.69
lexile: 420
subjects: physicians, medicine, vocational guidance [X]

Jobs People Do

author: Maynard, Christopher
Text and photographs of real people at work as well as authentic detailed costumes present the key aspects of over fifty occupations.
year: 1997
copies: 14
call number/section: 331.7
lexile: 770
subjects: vocational guidance [X], occupations, professions

Police Officer

author: Englart, Mindi Rose
Presents the steps required to become a police officer and describes aspects of the job, such as the uniform and the car, and various types of policing, including the K-9 unit and mounted police.
year: 2002
copies: 8
call number/section: 363.2
subjects: police, law enforcement, vocational guidance [X]


author: Englart, Mindi Rose
Describes the work of a fire fighter, including various duties, education and training needed, and equipment used.
year: 2002
copies: 9
call number/section: 363.37
lexile: 800
subjects: fire extinction, fire fighters, vocational guidance [X]

Everybody Works

author: Rotner, Shelley
Photographs and simple text show the many ways in which work can be accomplished.
year: 2003
copies: 9
call number/section: 306.3
lexile: 210
subjects: work, occupations, professions, vocational guidance [X]

Fashion Design

author: Jones, Jen
Explores the fashion industry; discussing the design process, manufacturing, trade shows, couture clothes, Fashion Week, and more.
year: 2007
copies: 9
call number/section: 746.9
lexile: 820
subjects: fashion design, fashion designers, vocational guidance [X]

A Day With An Airplane Pilot

author: Bennett, Leonie
An airplane pilot describes his plane, and tells about the various tasks he performs during a flight.
year: 2006
copies: 8
call number/section: 629.13
subjects: airplanes, air pilots, vocational guidance [X]

A Day With Animal Doctors

author: Bennett, Leonie
An animal doctor describes the different types of cases he and his colleague encounter, and the various tools they use, during a day working at the animal hospital.
year: 2006
copies: 6
call number/section: 636.08
subjects: veterinarians, veterinary medicine, vocational guidance [X]

When I Grow Up

author: Loy, Jessica
Provides descriptions of the jobs done by professionals in fourteen unusual occupations, including chocolatier, game designer, and entomologist.
year: 2008
copies: 12
call number/section: 331.7
lexile: 1000
subjects: vocational guidance [X]

Midstream Changes

author: Aaseng, Nathan
Presents the stories of famous people who achieved great success after changing careers in mid-life.
year: 1990
copies: 2
call number/section: 331.7
subjects: career changes, vocational guidance [X], technology and invention

Marine Biologist

author: Wendt, Jennifer
Introduces the career of marine biologist, discussing educational requirements, duties, workplace, salary, employment outlook, and possible future positions.
year: 2000
copies: 7
call number/section: 578.77
lexile: 800
subjects: marine biologists, vocational guidance [X]

The Teen Vogue Handbook

Offers information and advice on careers in the fashion industry from "Teen Vogue," detailing the career paths of established professionals in the industry, and covering resum?s, agencies, education, and other related topics.
year: 2009
copies: 11
call number/section: 746.9
subjects: fashion merchandising, vocational guidance [X]

Movie Stunt Worker

author: Thomas, William
Describes what it is like to be a movie stunt worker, exploring the responsibilities of the job and the dangers associated with it.
year: 2011
copies: 4
call number/section: 791.43
subjects: stunt performers, motion pictures, vocational guidance [X]

Bat Researcher

author: Burgan, Michael
An exploration of the job of a bat researcher that describes what they do and discusses challenges and dangers they face, their training, and other related topics.
year: 2011
copies: 2
call number/section: 599.4
subjects: bats, zoology, vocational guidance [X]

Arctic Trucker

author: Gustaitis, Joseph Alan
Explains the dangerous conditions Artic truckers face while driving over the ice roads and frozen lakes of the region and describes how they do their jobs and stay safe.
year: 2011
copies: 1
call number/section: 388.3
subjects: truck drivers, trucking, vocational guidance [X]


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