Three Up A Tree

author: Marshall, James
Sam and Spider build a tree house and go there with Lolly to trade stories.
year: 1994
copies: 33
call number/section: FIC
lexile: 160

Boa Constructor

author: Cummings, Troy
Something is stealing machine parts from all over Stermont, including a wrecking ball from a local construction site, and Alexander and his fellow monster hunters, Rip, and Nikki, fear that it is building a Stermont-smashing machine--so the friends must use the resources of the summer maker program at the library to stop this monster, and perhaps even solve the mystery of who is leaving monster trading cards where the Super Secret Monster Patrol can find them.
year: 2019
copies: 11
call number/section: FIC
lexile: 470

Evil Behind That Door

author: Fradkin, Barbara
When softhearted handyman Cedric helps his high school nemesis Barry renovate his farmhouse, Barry's parents go missing and he warns Cedric not to touch the boarded-up door in the cellar, but Cedric can't resist and unleashes a tale of violence.
year: 2012
copies: 1
call number/section: FIC
lexile: 570

Brave The Betrayal

author: Applegate, Katherine
Jalil, David, Christopher, and April, trapped in the nightmarish Everworld, regret trading a chemistry book for a knife when the alien Coo-Hatch use its information to build deadly new weapons.
year: 2000
copies: 2
call number/section: FIC
lexile: 630

Cool Engine & Motor Projects

author: Felix, Rebecca
Assemble, build, and put power in motion with Cool Engine & Motor Projects! Create a mini buzzing robot with a battery-powered engine, move a small ship with steam, and more! Each project includes easy-to-read, step-by-step instructions paired with photographs.
year: 2017
copies: 1
call number/section: 621.46
lexile: 630
subjects: electric motors

One World Trade Center

author: Murray, Julie
"[An introduction to] One World Trade Center, which is also known as the Freedom Tower.
year: 2019
copies: 1
call number/section: FIC
lexile: 660

Henry Ford

author: Gaines, Ann
Provides a brief introduction to inventor Henry Ford's efforts to build cars.
year: 2002
copies: 19
call number/section: 920
lexile: 670

The Fall Guy

author: Fradkin, Barbara Fraser
Cedric O'Toole, a handyman who lives on a farm by himself and dreams of his next invention, finds his life turned upside down when he is sued for faulty workmanship and realizes the lawsuit might lead to a manslaughter charge.
year: 2011
copies: 2
call number/section: FIC
lexile: 670

Builders, Traders, & Craftsmen

author: Shuter, Jane
Introduces the work of artisans responsible for the buildings, statues, and carvings of ancient Greece; describes the lifestyles of the people; and indicates the importance of traders and trading.
year: 1999
copies: 5
call number/section: 938
lexile: 800

Wheels Of Time

author: Gourley, Catherine
A biography of the engineer and industrialist whose innovative methods enabled his company to build and mass-produce reliable and inexpensive automobiles and whose latter years were devoted to establishing a museum reflecting American life before the advent of machines.
year: 1997
copies: 13
call number/section: 920
lexile: 800

Engineering One World Trade Center

author: Mccarthy, Cecilia Pinto
An introduction to the construction of One World Trade Center, discussing skyscraper construction techniques, and the neighboring memorials to the original World Trade Center skyscrapers.
year: 2018
copies: 5
call number/section: FIC
lexile: 810

Hail! Ancient Egyptians

author: Green, Jen
Guides readers through 3,000 years of ancient Egyptian history on the banks of the Nile River, from the early settlers and kings to great pharaohs such as Ramesses II, Hatshepsut, Tutankhamun, and Cleopatra.
year: 2011
copies: 5
call number/section: 932
lexile: 880
subjects: egypt

What Were The Twin Towers?

author: O'connor, Jim
Examines the true story of New York City's Twin Towers, how they came to be built, how they changed the New York skyline, and how they came to be destroyed by terrorists on Sept.
year: 2016
copies: 48
call number/section: 725
lexile: 890

Construction Worker

author: O'connor, Rachel
Discusses some of the jobs done by construction workers, the training and tools needed, and opportunities in the field.
year: 2004
copies: 8
call number/section: 690
lexile: 900

Hard Hat Area

author: Thompson, Lisa
Identifies the skills and education needed to be a contractor, provides a look at the day-to-day activities of a contractor, and includes information about tools, materials, and building techniques, as well as little-known facts about the profession.
year: 2008
copies: 2
call number/section: 690.02
lexile: 930
subjects: building trades


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